Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Professional Ultimate?

Because my region (California) has almost nothing to update you on, I would like to instead pose a philosophical question:

Ultimate continues to push itself into the mainstream sports world. Would people prefer that it to followed this trend, becoming another commercialized, professional, and truly organized sport, or would you have it remain the mostly unknown and unloved sport that it is and keep our community intact.

Throw out your opinion.


Earmuffs said...

I would love to see ultimate become professional but without it changing the way our game is run. No addition of observers/referees or changes in the rules, just add some cameras and pay the people, that would be sweet.Especially because I think that would keep the small community we have together. The game would still be the one we all love now but easier to watch/be involved with.

McCabe said...

exactly. observers in the way they are now i think are a great idea. let the dispute be solved on the field and defer if needed to an "impartial" body, other than that players play, and work it out.

the sport has grown faster than any other based on these types of rules, and i think the lack of refs is a big draw to the sport. i dont see any reason to conform to the previous ways sports have resigned to doing things.

NUPA is gonna be here eventually, with home stadiums, payroll caps, agents, highly publicized national championships, superstars, highlight reels on espn, and those documentaries on what we are doing right now to get it there.

Thomas Sanchez said...

my main concern with Ultimate's growth is the loss of things that cannot be printed onto paper. Sure, you can teach the game to every kid in the country, but I don't think it is possible for the sport to expand to the popularity of other's (baseball, basketball) while keeping Spirit of the Game and the community aspect intact.

Already I have seen new Junior's teams who play Ultimate just as they would any other sport, without respect for the opposing team or even their own teamates.

Nick said...
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Nick said...

Sorry about that, accidental deletion.

Are "other sports" really that un-"spirited"? And is Ultimate not like "other sports"? It is a sport, its the best one (to me), but its still a sport.