Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Legend Grows...

And thus the legend of the Play Ultimate blog grows. We have acquired the notable talents of Pittsburgh player and Ultimate journalist Nick Kaczmarek, who will be posting from here on in. Focusing mainly on the Pittsburgh high school forum, Nick is gonna let you guys know whats up with PHUL. Feel free to comment welcoming him etc.

We are still looking for writers from a few key areas in the USA, so if you think you can help out click on the keep reading link...

We still need someone to report in the following areas...

  • Philadelphia High School League
  • Massachussettes High School (NEPSUL et al)
  • Georgia High School Ultimate
  • Seattle High School Ultimate
  • YOUR AREA!! - if you arent part of any of the above, that is ok, we would love to have insights and run downs from all over the country. Just post a comment or let me know somehow.
So come on people, space is limited, so let me know what you can do, send me a sample and lets get this blog rolling.


Anonymous said...

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