Thursday, September 15, 2005

College Coverage this Year...

While i said that we would have postings and updates on the High School ultimate scene, we will in no way neglect the college action as well.

Biggest tournament of the fall season for colleges? Not necessarily size wise, but competition, location, strength etc. My money is going towards the Ohio State University Fall championship.

We look at the competition after the fold...

the lineup this far (copied and pasted from here -

- Vanderbilt2361
- Towson2461
- Chicago2290
- Eastern Michigan1860
- Indiana2364
- Ohio Northern2184
- Ohio State2481
- Pittsburgh2468
- Pittsburgh-B1938
- Michigan State-X1921
- Michigan State-Y2000
- Edinboro2323
- Wooster2042
- Bowling Green2061
- SUNY-Albany2106
- Ohio Wesleyan2121
- Kenyon1994
- Mary Washington2344
- James Madison2209
- Unknown Team2000
- SUNY-Buffalo2081
- Indiana-B2062
- Ohio State-B1725
- Ohio2392
- Carnegie-Mellon2313
- Michigan2613
- Ashland2000

From my perspective the big players at the tourney are going to be at follows - Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio, Ohio State, Indiana, Pittsburgh and possibly Towson.

All of the above teams participated in (their respective) regionals last year, with Michigan, Michigan State, and Pittsburgh all moving on to Nationals.

Personally i think this is going to be a very exciting tournament to watch, how many other fall tournaments do you get to watch this number of quality teams going at it? its gonna be sweet.

more in depth analysis to come when i know more things... anyone else have a viewpoint on this tourney, other fall tourneys? post a comment.

ps - still looking for a few writers...