Thursday, June 18, 2009

Comment policy update and a strongly worded note

Listen up.

If you post a comment from here on out with profanity you will have your IP address blocked.

You are a reflection of this sport. This site is read not only by players on a few teams but by teachers, coaches, fans, administrators, parents, UPA officials, news media and I'm sure others. The way you act, the things you say and the things you write are a reflection of this sport.

When you play naked points

Ultimate does not have the luxury of being so widespread that individual actions do not affect it. When you play naked points you indicate that all ultimate players do not take their sport seriously and that they lack the credibility to wear appropriate uniforms. When you yell out obscenities from a sideline you show however many few fans might have graced you with your presence that you are not capable of conducting yourself in a professional manner, that you are not worthy of their time.

When you post profanity on one of the few ultimate-centric websites available you tell anyone who might come across it that there obviously is nothing constructive, or useful, or purposeful to speak of in this sport because the most you can muster are a few four letter indictments of another team.

I will not stand for it here. You have a responsibility not only to your own reputation but to the reputation of your sport. Your actions do not only reflect on your lack of vocabulary or waning moral character but of the larger community of which you are a part. You are an ambassador for this sport in every aspect of what you do, like it or not. Maybe you don't consider yourself defined by this sport, but for better and for worse you define it.

Consider this the next time you feel compelled to constrain your comments within such an embarrassingly small lexicon.

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