Thursday, June 04, 2009

Best Practices: Planning and playing a game

Editor's note: this is a piece in an occasional series where we ask the community to submit their ideas and thoughts on a given topic and then report back. There is a ton of knowledge out there and we'd like to consolidate it and make it accessible for newer teams and players. This is based off of the Lifehacker feature "Hive Five".

Many (most?) high school ultimate teams are player run, sometimes this translates to teams not showing up on time, games starting late, unconfirmed field space, non-regulation fields, or a lack of spectators (to name a few issues).

What are the best ways your team has found to make games go off without a hitch? Or better yet, what about a game that went really well - big crowd, planned well in advance etc?

Can ultimate be run smoothly with player captains, or is it necessary to shift over to a fully coach and team oriented system?

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