Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HS Easterns: Congrats to Pennsbury

On the open side, Pennsbury upset Amherst 15-11 in the final. But, the upset of the tournament was North Hills (seeded 10) who ended up tied for 3rd. On the girls side, Paideia (seeded 1) followed through and took the tournament over Amherst 13-7. 

OPEN FINAL: Their tournament play gave Amherst the edge, but they were surprised early with two scores from Pennsbury. Pennsbury’s early success with the huck pulled Amherst out of their usual, controlled game and into a long-throw contest they couldn’t win. Senior Misha Herscu was Amherst’s MVP with a series of standout plays in all parts of the field, while teammate Spencer Diamond ran a game-long clinic on how to read a disc. Several Pennsbury players earned mentions for extra effort—#69, Mike Auld, picked a high disc out of the sky and got the assist (two, if you count the do-over) to #2, Zach Kauffman, for a score. Dennison Bechis chased down a long huck to score at 13-10 and Isaac Saul tipped an Amherst dump to get a D on the goal line. High spirits from both teams made for a nail-biting final.

GIRLS FINAL: Amherst’s Hannah Yee set the game rolling with a strong layout D against Paideia. The game was fast and energetic and each team gave its all. Players were laying out and jumping all over the field. Amherst pulled an unexpected zone on Paideia to force a turn over and a score, but Paideia came right back ready to work the cup slowly up the field. Amherst’s Keri Lambert was a strong member of the cup who did not easily give up. Her efforts where met by her teammate Claudia Tajima who made several D’s and played aggressively on offense. Paideia worked the cup and moved effortlessly up the field, including several connections between Sophie Darch and Lane Seidor. Although both teams played hard, in the end Sophie Darch was able to connect with Rachel Kessler in the end zone for a final of 13-7.


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