Monday, March 02, 2009

Breaking: Major changes for Youth ultimate in the U.S. - No more Easterns/Westerns

No more nationals. No more easterns. No more westerns.

This is the gist of the plan announced by the UPA today. The plan advocates a move towards state championships only.

Effective Spring 2012 easterns and westerns will disappear and will be replaced by 4 regional championships.

Read the whole plan here, and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Right idea? Wrong idea? How does this change the map of competition? If the effects did take place this year, who would win each region?

The UPA also announced changes in YCC bid allocation, and Team USA selection process. Perhaps most disappointing about all of these announcements is the fact that the site set up to announce them is called, "The Ultimate Change". Really? I mean really? This is the last change ever for youth ultimate?

The changes are pretty sweeping. Thoughts and comments?

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