Saturday, July 05, 2008

YCC Rosters: DEVYL (Open)

  1. Adrian Galbraith-Paul (Lower Merion)
  2. John Stavinga (Wissahickon)
  3. Matt Stavinga (Wissahickon)
  4. Justin Principi (Pennsbury)
  5. Elijah Karoly (Pennsbury)
  6. Matt Bode (Pennsbury)
  7. Justin Baughn (Pennsbury)
  8. Dennison Bechis (Pennsbury)
  9. Zach Kauffman (Pennsbury)
  10. Evan Sacks (Pennsbury)
  11. Brian Li (Watchung Hills)
  12. Jacob Price (Watchung Hills)
  13. Loren Whitaker (Columbia)
  14. Alex Holtz (Columbia)
  15. Jeremy Golden (Columbia)
  16. Tim Morrissy (Columbia)
  17. Jordan Taylor (Columbia)
  18. Mike Sender (Columbia)
A reminder to YCC team coaches, captains, managers etc. Please send your rosters to when they become available.