Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WUGC 2008: UPA Team USA Bios released

The UPA has released player bios for the 2008 WUGC team.

They have put up stuff for the coaches as well.

What I find most interesting at least from the Open side is the "years playing" category. The lowest is 3 years, but almost all have more than 5. Meaning almost all have played more than just high school disc, somewhere between 6-10 years of playing seems to be the norm.

Is this an interesting turning point for our sport, or just a coincidence? To play at elite hs levels is it necessary to be introduced to the game at a much younger age?

This seems like a developing Tiger Woods effect of athletics in general. Or like i said, maybe it is just coincidence...

40 Days until WUGC 2008 in Vancouver, the anticipation builds... Check back here all summer for the best coverage of high school ultimate