Monday, June 02, 2008

Site improvements, what do you want from us?

Over the next two weeks I will be redesigning the site for aesthetics but also to have better connectivity with the other PlayUltimateMedia sites, such as

So with that in mind, any suggestions or hopes for a new and improved PlayUltimate? Are there any things you wish you could do that you can't currently? Keep in mind certain limitations of Blogger, my scripting knowledge and the "Internets" in general.

Also, I had to recently reinstall Windows on my computer and briefly had to view the internet through the eyes of Internet Explorer [shudder]. Which reminds me, if you do not currently use Firefox, I strongly suggest it. The site is designed to work and look best for that browser, and for good reason - its faster, safer (less popups, spam, adware etc), and just overall better. You can download Firefox by clicking here - if you use that link it supports the site as well (it also installs the Google Toolbar, which is useful, but you can easily disable it if you dont like it).

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!



I would like to commend the Worlds Coach on a great decision to not take Matt Rehder this year. I think it was a good decision not to take a SOCKEYE player on the team. Yeah, that is a REALLY good call BVH! Matt Rehder made sockeye this afternoon after demoloshing people at Cal States. Good call Worlds!

Nick said...

haha, While I wouldn't have been so forward to say as much, I agree.

Irony's great!

The Pulse said...

I think Matt Rehder would rather play against Buzz Bullets at Worlds than Canada Juniors.

del said...

Rather than criticizing the worlds coaches, I'd like to extend a congratulations to Matt for accomplishing this impressive feat.