Saturday, June 28, 2008

Open Thread: What does your team do during the summer?

Well, high school leagues are done for the year, YCC teams are almost all yet, WUGC team has been selected. But that leaves a lot of players and in a lot of cases whole teams without high school ultimate to play.

So an open question - what does your team, or the players on your team, primarily do (ultimate-wise) during the summer?

  • Play on club teams
  • Summer league
  • Summer practices with HS team
  • Individual workouts for your HS team
  • Frequent pickup games
  • Occasional pickup games
  • Read PlayUltimate (and other ultimate websites) incessantly
  • Relax and forget about ultimate for a while
Something else? Throw it in the comments.

There is also a poll up on the right hand side of the site, feel free to vote!

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