Saturday, May 10, 2008

Westerns: Quick round up

I am back now in my hotel and reflecting upon the day. I spent most of it with the Churchill girls team, but during the first and fourth round I ventured out to see the other talented present. Most of the morning I posted updated with my iphone, but just before the end of the 4th round the battery died, and for those who I left with the cliff-hanger, I am sorry.

As state already, I was wrong in my first game predictions, but here is the basic run down in the Girls Division A Pool:
Churchill - [3-0]
Continuing their dominance, the Churchill ladies stepped up play in their early pool play games against Seattle Academy and Cathedral. But it was in their game against the number 3 overall, Northwest, which was impressive. Taking half 8-3, the Eugene ladies were simply clicking like they did last year and ended up taking the last pool play game of the day 11-5 (before the lightning struck and everyone bailed out).
Northwest - [2-1]
Seattle Academy - [2-2]

This was the story of the day in the girls division (unless something happened in the B pool I didn't catch). SAAS started their day against Northwest and Churchill who both handed them a pretty difficult loses, but would bounce back and upset both Cathedral and Hopkins. Their last round game against Hopkins was a killing as Hopkins simply could not get clicking and self destructed.
Hopkins - [1-2]
Cathedral - [0-3]

I unfortunately don't know what took place in the rest of the girls division other than what was already posted. And in the boys division all I watched was the South Eugene vs Hopkins game that ended up going to South in cap 16-13.