Saturday, May 10, 2008

Westerns: Ladies

Northwest just took it to Hopkins and easily dominated the first half
8-1. I will be wrong in my prediction I suspect, but it has had much
less to do with Hopkins not playing well and much more more to do with
Northwest playing some of the best ultimate I've seen from them. They
moved the disc with ease around the Hopkins cup and by the third point
Hopkins was hanging their heads...

SAAS is also dominating well over Cathedral despite letting them score
three times. SAAS is up 6-3 and should take half soon.

Hale just took half on Alameda in dominating fashion as well. The wind
does not seem to be a factor for them. Alameda had managed to score a
couple times and are down 3-8. These games are only to 13 and this
game should get there.

And in the final girls game going on, Cretin is dominating Minneapolis
South 9-2, but the South girls have the more muddy jerseys!

-luke johnson