Saturday, May 03, 2008

Easterns Girls Preview (updated)

I have very little knowledge here, so this will stand as mostly a place for teams who know to make their comments known...

If one of the contributors from the East Coast is willing to do write-ups, it would be much appreciated by those from the East Coast I'm sure...

This weekend the 17th Annual Amherst HS Invitational took place. Though there have been no scores reported, it was the Andover girls who emerged this weekend as the 3 seed overall to take the whole tournament. On Saturday they upset Stuyvesant in their pool, giving them Beacon or St. Johnsbury in the semis. After desposing of one of those teams, they played Stuyvesant again for the championship game (after Stuyvesant had to make their way through Amherst). If this tournament indicates anything it is that the Andover girls can play and potentially deserve one of the top spots. Maybe when scores get fully reported it will help make clear how definitive winning this tournament was.

The biggest movement of the weekend for RRI's was with the Memorial Girls, but it looks like it was because they played the OPEN Columbia HS B team... A bit interesting, but I'm sure there was logic to this 0-17 loss...

1. Paideia (1976 up to 1986) - Definitive wins at their own hosted Paideia Cup in mid-April over the previously unbeaten Amherst (15-11 & 15-7) puts these girls as the top seed.
2. YHB (1971 down to 1967)
3. Cardinal O'Hara (1834 down to 1829)
4. Amherst (1782 up to 1793)
5. Hampton (1749 up to 1744)
6. Stuyvesant (1724 up to 1734)
7. LC Bird (1669 down to 1665)
8. University School of Nashville (1669 up to 1680)
9. Andover HS (1652 down to 1682)
10. Columbia (1589 down to 1121)
11. Memorial (1440 down to 1435)
12. Amherst JV (1218 up to 1231)


Tom Cook said...

YHB is a great team, coming back from 4 down to beat O'Hara at universe point in the fall at KitKat, and then beating O'Hara by 3 after falling behind at the O'Hara Invite. I am looking forward to a spring rematch and this will be the first time O'Hara girls compete at such a high level tournament after completely dominating Philly Girls teams for the past two years. The only losses O'Hara's program has ever had are to YHB and Fox Chapel at last year's states.

But, I am the coach so take my word for what it is worth....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Andover girls will win it

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Kyle Weisbrod said...

The lack of games and Amherst's performance at the Invite makes things a little cloudy. My seeding:

1. Paideia
2. Andover
3. YHB
4. Stuyvesant
5. Amherst
6. USN
7. Cardinal O'Hara
8. Hampton
9. Amherst JV
10. LC Bird
11. Columbia
12. Memorial

There should be a bunch of great games next weekend.

Anonymous said...

USN for the win.

Anonymous said...

Andover...should be ranked second or third.....