Wednesday, May 07, 2008

2008 College Ultimate National Signing Day - THE LIST

And now, without further ado - the 2008 College Ultimate National Signing Day final list....

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Thank you to all who submitted your college choices. This year's list is a little bit smaller than past years [i think] because we moved the deadline date up so it was before Easterns and Westerns - so that people going to those tournaments could connect with other recent grads heading to the same schools.

A reminder: all information is provided as is, I merely retyped it into the spreadsheet, if people were lying about their height or school etc, we can't help it. I think there has been a certain level of respect and professionalism for the past few years though and this year appears no different.

You can view the 2007 list here, and the 2006 list here.

Seniors - Congratulations on the college decisions.


Alex Walker said...

Forgot to include my high school: Edmonds-Woodway.

Looking at the list, Schooley will be a great addition to Western.

Anonymous said...

nobody is going to the college I am going to :(.

Anonymous said...

this college list is sad

TPDOM said...

Why would this list be closed off like it is?

Why not leave it open for kids to submit their information continuously, wouldn't that get more kids on it?

McCabe said...

a few reasons -

1. to have a deadline for people to submit information, the list was open from the first announcement on February 11th until May 7th the closing day - i think thats plenty of time for someone to write down their name and college

2. so that the list can be released on one day, similar to college signing day for football recruits

3. so i dont have to continuously fill out a spreadsheet for the duration of my life.

the list was done exactly the same way for the past three years, not sure exactly why significantly fewer people decided to submit this year, next year it will be more automated.... hopefully.

we'll see