Thursday, March 06, 2008

NUTC 2008

We all want to play Ultimate year round. In the fall many people participate in intramural leagues, and some teams start their seasons right when school starts. In the spring we all dive head-first into our team's season, soaking in every moment of Ultimate glory. In the summer our options thin out. Some of us go off to play on club teams and some of us are lucky enough to have wonderful summer leagues to participate in. Well, there's another summer option out there:

Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by 100 other youth Ultimate fanatics just like you?

Have you ever wanted to play Ultimate all day every day for a solid week?

Have you ever wanted to receive instruction from some of the top coaches and players in the country?

Have you ever wanted the chance to sky/hand block/mark up against Baecher, Mullen, Robison, Flynn, Avirgan, Kershan, or Tunnell?

The National Ultimate Training Camp is an overnight Ultimate camp for kids aged 14-18. Orchestrated by Tiina Booth and George Cooke, NUTC runs over the course of three very active sessions on the beautiful Northfield Mount Hermon campus in Northfield, MA. Each day kids from around the world receive training, play Ultimate, and socialize in the most Ultimate-centric environment on the planet.

In 2006 212 campers attended. In 2007, 278. The camp is capped at 300 campers and we are almost certain we will hit that number this summer. So, if you're interested in attending, register early!

The camp's website is located right here:

To register head on over to:

You can hear Tiina and George talk about NUTC in this podcast.

NUTC 2008 -- it's the place to be.


JasonKatz said...

I went last summer for two sessions and had a great time. It is exhausting but really fun and is pretty much guaranteed to improve your game on some level. The counselors are some of the best players in the country on a college and club level and other campers are some of the best on the high school level, representing the best teams in the country.