Sunday, January 20, 2008

UCPC is next weekend, are you going?

The Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference is next weekend in Boston, Mass. Are you going? Did you go last year? Why or why not for either question?

For those of you who went last year, how many people attended total? Via inference from the website i see that the first 30 registrants option has already passed plus at least 15 presenters seems that there is a good number of people attending.

What i am wondering i guess is if the appeal for a conference of this type will begin to expand beyond people who already play ultimate. I realize that the title and stated purpose for the conference might not directly intend for this. But consider the benefits for physical education teachers or school athletic directors to learn about a new sport they could offer in their classes or as extra curricular.

For those who have attended, do you think something like this is possible? Probable?

I'm curious. Seems like an exciting thing to be a part of either way and very informative it would seem as well given the presenters.

Thoughts in general...


Lukester said...

I wish I was going... But, unfortunately, the closest I got to something like this was the Level One Coaching clinic this last weekend. I attended here in Chicago, and was extremely impressed with what it teaches and does.

Josh said...

The last I heard they were closing in on 200.

I'll be there :)