Friday, November 16, 2007

While RSD is being attacked...

Hey all,

for those of you who read RSD, you might notice that it (as happens every few weeks or months nowadays) is in the process of attacks from either a spam-bot or a derranged individual, the jury is still out.

Anyway, for those topics in ultimate that arent posted here directly, or that you dont feel pertain to the subject enough to put in the comments i encourage you to post on - its free, its moderated by you (so if you decide someone like the guy on RSD is not welcome you vote his stuff down and the things he posts will be removed)

So, if you havent had a chance to try it out before, check it out now, post whatever you feel like, and enjoy some level of decency not currently found on RSD between Frank and this new guy.

Hope this can help fill some of that ultimate-related discussion void in your lives right now...


Anonymous said...

what is RSD? How do i get to it?

Russ' 'n' 'Lex said...

Anonymous said...

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