Friday, November 09, 2007

Weekend open thread - 11/10-11/11

On the menu this weekend -

  • Tidewater tuneup (open) - UPA Score Reporter site
    • Will feature the tops from Virginia and Pennsylvania in Pennsbury, North Hills, Fox Chapel, LC Bird, Yorktownand Mt. Lebanon. 16 teams, more than likely a final fall tournament for many of these teams depending on the outcome it will decide the odds-on favorite heading into the spring season.
    • Other than a 10-15 loss to Columbia this past weekend Pennsbury has not lost a game since May 6th (to Paideia) - which includes PA State championship tournament, Easterns, the Rutgers invite, and most of their home tournament Fall Brawl. They are the defending champs, and at the moment the team to beat - however this will be the first time they face North Hills since graduations took Noah Saul among others from the Pennsbury Squad.
    • North Hills meanwhile has racked up a fairly impressive fall season, competing in Edinboro's Skylander Tournament - their only loss coming at the hands of an Edinboro Alumni team - beating Penn State and West Virginia along the way.
    • Yorktown takes the 3 seed coming into the tournament, their only loss thus far in the fall at the hands of Beacon HS who has not played either Pennsbury or North Hills yet. Even though the loss was 13-4, i would argue that this tournament will show much more accurately where they stack up in terms of other Easterns competition
  • Tidewater tuneup (women's) - UPA Score Reporter site
    • On the girls' side - 8 teams. I dont know much about any of them to tell the truth, Woodlawn finished the highest (3rd) at last years Easterns, but none of the other teams attended. Almost all of the teams in the division do not have any game results yet so its fair to say i think that this tournament could go in any direction, though id put the smart money on Woodlawn.
Feel free to add your own information in the comments, and/or score updates if you have them from the fields.


Anonymous said...

results are up. North HIlls and Peyote rolled

Anonymous said...

North HIlls beat Pennsbury as well.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a tough road for this young Pennsbury team. Hopefully they will learn from the bumps and bruises in the fall.

Let's hope for a NH vs Pennsbury final.

Anonymous said...

There will be a NH vs Pennsbury final (for Tidewater Tuneup). There isn't a team in the entire tournament that could beat either of them.

Anonymous said...

17-15 finals pennsbury over north hills

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very good game by Pennsbury. They came out firing against a lackadaisical North Hills Team and took half 9-4. Pennsbury received after half and scored to make it 10-4 . North Hills put a run together and fought back bringing it to 11-12. After that points were traded until the end. Going to be a fun year in the East.

Anonymous said...

hbwoodlawn varsity girls went undefeated and savage...beating Chapel Hill in the final

Anonymous said...

After all of this, no one knows what Amherst has put together.

We hear about Columbia, pennsbury, and north hills beating up on eachother. Is there any other team even in contention other then these three?

How is long meadow, andover, or any other MASS teams looking?

Anonymous said...

Amherst doesnt play in the fall...

Russ' 'n' 'Lex said...

Sure they do

Anonymous said...

Who covered who in the finals.... what were the match ups like. who played good for pennsbury that is what i want to know

Anonymous said...

North Hills was definitely deeper but Pennsbury's stars beat up on NH stars, #72 and #19 covered thorne and funk, and while on offense pretty much won the battle. They seemed to take Funk completely out of the game, and Thorne had his moments here and there. Pennsbury's handlers seemed to have great flow together, and when they needed a point kept the disc to themselves and took care of business. Big games out of long haired small handler, 72 and 19, and 27.. Also #99 seemed to be their deep shot although he didnt come down with a lot he was a threat. Everyone on both teams played really well

saul said...

Number 72 is Justin Principi, 27 is Elijah Karoly and number 99 is his brother Joe. The "long haired small handler" is Justin Baughn, #84. Just wanted to put some names to the numbers/descriptions, proud of my boys.


Anonymous said...

All the way live......FROM 2 1 5


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

who does everything think will be top 5 in east coast
my top

n. hills

Anonymous said...

yup, and no one cares about west.

Piels said...

watch out for longmeadow in the massachusetts picture, and andover too. they won't have a run at the easterns title or have the needham/amherst rivalry going like last year but they'll have break out years in their programs.

Anonymous said...

well if any of you eastcoast folk want to settle the score and see how much "no one cares about the west" come to hopkins hustle may 3/4. it's the same weekend as amherst invite, but obviously people seem to be getting tired of playing the same teams over and over again. the plan is to get 8 easterns and 8 westerns teams to come to minnesota and set the record straight. it's gonna be a bombass tournament. you all should check it out

Sam Brickwedde
#11 Hopkins Hurt

Anonymous said...

why schedule directly opposite a longstanding tradition: the amherst invitational? that immediately takes amherst out of the picture. you would also have to count paideia out since they're a regular partcipant at AI

why not schedule the weekend before? april 26-27.

this would allow teams to participate at all events (w/ the exception being easterns/westerns of course).

good luck to the teams who are planning to attend all the major tournaments:

1. paideia cup (mid april?)
2. hopkins hustle (late april?)
3. amherst invite (early may)
4. westerns/easterns. (mid and late may)

it will take some serious ambition and initiative to get players/parents/coaches committed and the money put together to make these trips possible. but it can be done. it could be an amazing experience and you'd be sicknasty for doing it.

Jake said...

Due to all sorts of scheduling conflicts (prom, field availability, and ACT testing)May 3-4 is the only date that worked this year. Sorry if it conflicts with other tourneys, but it also works well with our tourney.

There's a chance (and this is just rumor for now) that the Hustle will be held at the same fields as the Central Regional tourney. If this works out, my hope is that the Juniors tournament will have a bye during the college Championship game (perennially CUT vs. Hodags / Syzygy vs. Belladonna) and we'd all get to see some AWESOME college rivalries duke it out.

We were awed by the first Paideia Cup, and hope to put on a larger version of that tournament. If you were there, you know it was a first class event. To meet or exceed that level of tournament is our goal and we'll be working hard to make it happen, regardless of who is able to attend.

Finally, to hope for 8 East coast and 8 West coast teams is a little optimistic (besides the fact that it won't allow for us no-coast teams to attend), so i think we are shooting for 5 from each coast and 6 no-coast.

Anyone interested?

Anonymous said...

Conflicts with other tourneys? Amherst Invitational is the longest running high school tournament in the country; before 1998 it was considered the unofficial nationals. By scheduling Hopkins Hustle (which sounds like a great event) at the same time, you definitely lose Paideia, Amherst, and Columbia. Probably some other good eastern teams. Lots of people want to see an elite tournament that draws teams from across the nation, but Hustle won't be one unless its rescheduled.

Anonymous said...

lose Pennsbury too, I know they want to go to AI this year..

Jake said...

I think I can defend the Hopkins Hustle a little bit. Competition is good for the sport. It allows more teams to play and it broadens the field of view for everyone. Case in point: Madison Mudbath has been going on for years (10?), but Paideia announced they were going to host a tourney, and two of three years it has (and will) conflict with Mudbath. It happens. I would be surprised if, during that exact same weekends of both of Mudbath/P-Cup and Hustle/AI there's NOT a tournament on the West Coast.

My hope for the Hustle is to get our first big tournament under our belt. I hope to find the support in the local community to get a top-notch tournament going in Minneapolis and grow from there. It was suggested that we host Westerns this year, but really, I don't think we could do that without some experience first.

I expect many competitive teams from the East to attend AI. I hope they do. I doubt we would draw them all, but if a couple are willing to travel west, and a couple of West Coast teams are willing to travel East (Jimmy Hooper - I'm looking at you - heh) and we get some support from Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Canada, not to mention Minnesota, it's going to be a great tourney.

As long as I'm on my soapbox here, I want to mention that we're going to be actively recruiting Girls teams. It has been tough in this region to fill out ladies' brackets in the past, so we're going to try hard to work it out and have a successful CADILLAC girls tournament.


ps. didn't KMK say it best? Can't Stop The Hustle...

Anonymous said...

just putting this question out there...

how is high school ultimate different on the East coast than the west? I don't mean playing styles/stratagies, but how teams and players go about ultimate season.
from what i've gathered, the East (by East and West, I mean the middle/top teams at westerns and easterns) has a longer serious season...with teams like north hills and pennsbury bringing their top teams to fall tournaments.
In the West (Seattle and Eugene especially) take the fall easier and then seriously ramp things up in the late winter/early spring.

Lakeside, SAAS, and Northwest took teams to Sundodger (a college tournament in seattle last weekend)that were largly comprised of younger players eager to play.

This is just one example, and i'm interested to hear what people have to say 'bout this.

The Pulse said...

The fall season is taken seriously in the East by a lot of teams, especially in a region where there are a lot of teams close together. When these teams can play each other in the fall and sort out who the top few teams are, it makes it easier to know whether you should be applying for Amherst Invite/Paideia Cup or Terminus/Longmeadow. The fall sorts things out so that teams of similar ability can get plenty of games against each other in the spring.

I don't think there have been any HS tournaments on the west coast this fall, although a lot of teams have attended college fall warmup tournaments. I also find this kind of bizarre, since the west coast has much better weather that's more conducive to playing a longer and more serious fall season.

Anonymous said...

except seattle, where it rains every day.

Anonymous said...

Lets not be soft now....sence when can't you play ultimate in the rain?