Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rhino ECC 2007 Highlight Video

Though this is a stretch to put up on playulti as this is a Club Open video, Jacob Janin and former Eugene high schoolers still make the cut in a few of the highlight sequences.
Mostly, there just hasn't been anything new here in a while, and I just finished this video last night.

Rhino showed up as the 6th seed in their pool. Thinking we'd break
easily, that weekend we were humbled and pushed to a new place of motivation. Here is the highlights from our weekend.

ECC Highlight Video Links:
StageSix Stream/Download - divx - 1280x720 - 175MB

iPod Video - mp4 - 640x360 - 70MB

Webstream - mov - 640x360 - 78MB

Youtube Stream - 320x240 - (low quality and last resort)


Anonymous said...

nice vid, Luke!

perhaps we can use this as a springboard to discuss what high school teams, if any, participated at club sectionals throughout the country. excellent opportunity to get the rookies playing time as well as exposure to real Ultimate.

looking at the ScoreReporter, these are the teams that i found. (maybe there are a bunch more playing under names different from their schools).

east coast sectionals (TN): University School of Nashville (Brutal Grassburn)

west coast new england sectionals (MA): Slow Children (aka Longmeadow HS) and Amherst Regional HS

capitals sectionals (DC/MD/VA): Woodside HS

founders sectionals (NJ/PA/DE): Columbia HS A and B

any others?

again, great stuff Luke.

Anonymous said...


founders sectionals (NJ/PA/DE): the Fantastic Fighting Frisbee Force (or aka Brandywine HS from Delaware)

Anonymous said...

I the captial section, Woodside's team was about half high school and half open players from the Newport News area of Virginia.

In the Mixed Division LC Bird and HB Woodlawn competed.

Finally HB Woodlawn wlso entered in the women's division.

Anonymous said...

great video, good camera work, good editting, solid music, and really good highlights.
Luke's got this process down.

Anonymous said...

Churchill played at the Oregon Sectionals. Played under the name "SoChilled".

Oregon girls also played. Advanced to NW Womens Regionals.

Any others?