Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coming soon on the blog...

So im finally back from my study abroad program in Rome, if you didnt notice i was gone, all the better.

Pleased to see the discussion still raging, thought id briefly jot out a few things we have upcoming on the blog...

  • What you want from the UPA - inspired by recent discussion, a thread will be posted after YCCs asking what you would like from the UPA, specifically as high school players, fans and advocates. After all suggestions have been heard and debated a list (or a few lists) will be put up with polls to decide what our community thinks are the most important things for the UPA to do for youth ultimate. Ill contact them with our findings.
  • Also after the YCCs, a big announcement on the site which i have alluded to previously. Lets just say we are expanding and hopefully by September there will be a lot more ultimate content online for you to read about.
  • YCCs - the biggest event in the high school scene during the summer, and less than 3 days away. A few previews should be rolling in from contributors with intimate access to teams, and additionally there will be open threads as always to discuss, rank and predict the future.
  • A contest on PlayUltimate.us - details to be finalized. Preview though, the user who submits the most stories to PlayUltimate.us (which are rated positively by other users) will take home a prize. Could be, disc(s), DVDs, t-shirts. All details to be finalized later, maybe there will be 1st, 2nd 3rd places, we'll see. In the mean time, try adding a bookmarklet to your firefox, opera, or safari toolbar. It allows you to submit whatever you are currently looking at online PlayUltimate.us with one click.
Other than that, thank you as always for visiting the site and engaging in discussion, I'm looking forward to all the YCC action and happy to be back in the US and the thriving ultimate scene.