Saturday, July 07, 2007

Churchill HS Westerns 2005 HL

The 2005 Western Championships are long over, but after nearly 2 years of collecting dust, I finally got the tapes on to my computer and edited the footage. The quality is nothing like we're able to do now, but I hope people still enjoy it. My players had been asking for it for a long time, and finally it is done.

Westerns 2005 Open HL - itunes version (.mp4 640x360 96.8MB)
Westerns 2005 Open HL - web version (.mov 640x360 92.4MB)
Westerns 2005 Open HL - google
Westerns 2005 Open HL - youtube
Westerns 2005 Girls HL - itunes version (.mp4 640x360 20.1MB)
Westerns 2005 Girls HL - web version (.mov 640x360 19.2MB)

Westerns 2005 Girls HL - google
Westerns 2005 Girls HL - youtube