Saturday, May 26, 2007

2007 YCC Team Preason Preview: Pittsburgh Impulse

It might be early for some people to start thinking about Youth Club Championships, but try telling that to the coaches and players of Pittsburgh Impulse who were devistated by a 14-12 loss to Philadelphia (SEPDA) in semifinals last year. And even though finishing fourth in the nation is still a great accomplishment, there is something about that loss that leaves a bittersweet feeling inside these players.

This year coaches Nick Kaczmarek (Pitt Ultimate) and Ben Banyas (Edinboro Ultimate and Metro East All Region Team) will look to utilize what appears to be PHUL's strongest depth of players ever.

Although tryouts for the team will not begin until Monday (Memorial Day), the main core of players on the team from last year will be playing again this year; Impulse lost 7 players from last year (6 graduation; 1 age restriction). As can be expected, PHUL standouts Julian Hausman (Mt. Lebanon) and Alex Thorne (North Hills and PHUL Finals MVP) will be the playmakers on this year's team. Although early, PHUL's three powerhouses (North Hills, Mt. Lebanon and Hampton) will look to contribute a significant amount to the team's roster.

The team will hold 5 tryouts between May 28 and June 6 with the final roster being formulated the night of the final tryout. Before attending YCCs in August, Impulse hopes to attend at least two tournaments. Any PHUL player reading this and wants to have more information can contact the team at youthclubcoaching AT gmail DOT com.

There will also be a Pittsburgh Impulse B-team that, although not competing at YCCs, will attend a couple tournaments over the summer and be used as a building block for 2008 and will be for those who do not make the team to improve their skills.

Look for a more in depth analysis of the team sometime after June 6 when final rosters are announced.

NOTE: There is also a girl's Pittsburgh team being formed that will compete in 1-2 tournaments before attending YCCs in August. More information on this team will be done later.


Anonymous said...

Impulse will upset some teams this year

Anonymous said...

will there ever be photos/writeups of sunday for easterns?

McCabe said...

as posted in a previous thread -

no contributors to the site were present at easterns, so we cant put up writeups. if anyone has taken pictures and put them online we will link to them, but as of yet nothing has been released that we know of.

if you hear of something you can always send tips to

if you are interested in contributing to the site, stay tuned and apply in the coming months.

Julian said...

First Impulse tryout was tonight.

45 players showed up, and more kids were supposed to come.

Its going to be a great year.

Anonymous said...

45 players?

seattle had more than twice that.

Anonymous said...

why are people from seattle constantly posting just trying to badmouth other cities, shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...

hey! don't stereotype Seattle. It's just Jimmy Hooper haha