Wednesday, May 23, 2007

2007 College Choices - THE List

May 23rd - DATE CHANGEIt has finally arrived, the second year for the [now named] PlayUltimate College Signing Day, last year's list can be viewed by clicking here.

You can scroll through this year's list below by clicking on "Click here to view the entire list", or by clicking here to view it as a Google Spreadsheet. I will put up a .pdf sometime in the next few days.

119 graduating seniors submitted their college plans, beating last year's total by almost 40. They represent not only the 45 high schools they have or will graduate from, nor the 74 colleges they will attend in the fall. The names listed below, the class of 2007, represent the future of ultimate in the United States.

So, without further ado, I present to you the PlayUltimate College Signing Day List for 2007...

Click here to view the entire list.

Thank you to all who submitted information, spread the word so that next year's list can be even more comprehensive and jaw-dropping.

ps - disregard the date on the image, we moved the date up so college players could print the list out before leaving for nationals this coming weekend.


gapoole said...

Lots of love for the Metro East. Colorado and the AC have some nice pickups as well. But what's up with Whitman College?

McCabe said...

a side note - like anything of this nature, and most things on this site - almost all information is user driven. all names are spelled as they were submitted to me, as are the schools, the high schools etc.

if heights or throwing hand or entire people are made up, its very unfortunate, but as i might know personally maybe 20% of the people on the list, its very hard for me to verify these things.

however i think the list is very accurate in terms of information, and will prove to be interesting conversation fodder for the next few days/weeks

McCabe said...

i have a feeling this might have something to do with the whitman choice -

it appears to be a very good school, very small but apparently acknowledges the existence of their ultimate team.

this puts whitman in a class of about maybe 5% of colleges in the country?

yes many have club sport status, but how many have a picture featured on their schools "facts about our school page"

very interesting indeed.

should be very intriguing to see where the Walla Walla Sweets finish at sectionals or regionals in the coming year(s). this past year it appears they were supposed to get 3rd in the section but were disqualified?

whos got the scoop

Ryan said...

Whitman also had the benefit of Jeremy Norden declaring in the fall.

As for their DQ, they didn't submit their roster in time, but they were still allowed to compete at sectionals for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Hey Casey Ikeda here...I'm going to University of San Francisco...not State

Anonymous said...

Mine got a little goofy as well. My name is Chris Hansman not Christo Hansmen.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about the Paideia boys? Where are they going to school?

Kyle Weisbrod said...

Grant Lindsley - Carleton
George Stubbs - Harvard
Ollie Honderd - Michigan
Rob St. Louis - Brown
Charlie Herrig - UGA
Allen Jarvis - UGA
Adam Bernstein - Oberlin

Anonymous said...

Looking at the list is pretty interesting but it would help if there was more information about things like past YCC and Worlds participation.

And another thought. I was noticing that the Callahan Award for the most valuable college ultimate players will be announced this weekend. The winners are the man and woman who combine superior athleticism with outstanding sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to the sport of ultimate.

Who would be the high school “Callahan” winners (both male and female?) On RSD, one poster used the five criteria of talent, leadership, spirit, big play ability and impact to rate his candidates. He wrote a short paragraph of how he knew the candidate and then used a scale of 1-10 to rate the candidate using the five criteria.

It would be fun to see who people think are the best players, and why.

Anonymous said...

jeremy norden, casey ikeda, george stubbs,

those would be my top 3 for the highschool callahan

Anonymous said...

Based on what I saw at Westerns...Casey Ikeda (Northwest)

TALENT 10 major speed and hops
LEADERSHIP 10 In huddles and on the line he seemed to be in control
SPIRIT 10 Playful even in most competitive situation..He stretched out Jacob's (South Eugene) cramped leg in the finals
BIG PLAY 10 Layout of the tourney against Hale in the semis after Hale scored a big point.
IMPACT 10 Northwest, especially on D, is much scarier when Casey is on the field.

Anonymous said...

07 is the best year ever for ultimate kids.

Anonymous said...

what about the ladies?

McCabe said...

the girls are included in the list, there were less than 20 total who listed their choices so i figured a combined list would make more sense.