Wednesday, April 11, 2007

HS Terminus Pictures and the coming weekend...

Paideia Cup is this weekend, as is the 3rd Annual East Invite in Colorado, two high profile tournaments that will undoubtedly yield some awesome ultimate and a better understanding of how teams stack up against each other heading towards Easterns and Westerns...

... and there will be a thread for that on Friday afternoon for last minute prognostications and game results as they become available. Until then though, Alex Peters was down at HS Terminus in Atlanta where a good number of high school programs were represented (i don't have an exact figure because a tournament schedule was never loaded onto the UPA Score reporter... boo!) - Paideia, Fox Chapel and Mt. Lebonan from Pittsburgh, Andover from Massachusetts among others.

Anyway, Alex took some awesome pics which you can view here, what i would like to see though is comments on the pictures so we can start putting some names with the faces. so if you know someone in a pic post a comment on Alex's site underneath the shot. I keep hearing names tossed around, and I for one would like to know whos who.

For those who weren't at Terminus, or who would like something entirely different to talk about, I'm noticing that a team from Chicago is going to the East Invite. That is pretty damn awesome, given the 14 hour drive or flight. Around the same amount of awesome as Lebo and Fox Chapel and Andover getting down to Georgia for Terminus.

So - Whats the furthest your team has traveled for a tournament and what troubles did you encounter getting there? Any advice for those trying to get to tournaments far away? Is it worth it to travel far for a tournament your team might not win? Better to drive as a team in vans or cram into cars? Flying vs. driving? Road trip bonding?

(An open thread for the tournaments this weekend will be posted on Friday, until then chat away)


Anonymous said...

Predicted thunderstorms saturday and 22 mph winds sunday... It should make for a great and exciting tourney.

Anonymous said...

Denver's looking at some serious snow Friday night... of course, it's Colorado, so even if it does snow (predictions range from flurries to 14 inches), fields will probably be clear by Sunday.

환희 said...

paideia cup is going to be absoluetly nuts
im looking for pennsbury to set its place as the dominant team this year..

Anonymous said...

if paideia wins their pool and amherst beats pennsbury, will pennsbury even come close to beating paideia in the A2 B1 matchup? or will they beat amherst on day 1?

Anonymous said...

I am on that team from Chicago, and this will be the farthest I have ever been away from home (let alone a tournament). We only have 7 players returning from last year, and our star player (who made it to the last round of machine try-outs) has a broken foot. Also, we are going to Denver with only 9 players that can play, so don't judge us too hard.

-Max Ellis
Team ILL #11

환희 said...

pennsbury will beat amherst guarenteed.
pennsbury is a very good team, fast, and they've been working hard all season
they're pumped for the cup, and they will be amherst

Anonymous said...

yeah, in my opinion pennsbury beats arhs easily, but then paidea beats them easily in the finals

Anonymous said...

I really dont believe that any high school team could beat ARHS or Pennsbury easily, any matchup between those 2 and Paideia will be a extremely intense extremely close game.

McCabe said...

hey max, id say that makes the effort even more awesome. congrats on getting that far, should be an awesome experience no matter what the scores of the games.

good luck though either way.

Anonymous said...

there is no way that amherst is going to win. Paidea will win with nobody scoring more then 10 on them if they have a full squad.

환희 said...

I really dont believe that any high school team could beat ARHS or Pennsbury easily, any matchup between those 2 and Paideia will be a extremely intense extremely close game.

sorry but needham held the 'canes to a 2 point first half =/
pennsbury can beat amherst
paideia can beat amherst

no opinion on a pennsbury vs paideia game though

Anonymous said...

amherst will make it to the ship. they are, for the first time in their history, being underrated. they are a perennial powerhouse with a middle school team that could compete with most hs teams. dont count them out.

Anonymous said...

ummmm you're just completely wrong. Amherst is, at best, the third best team in the East rght now.

1. Paidea
2. Pensburry
3 Amherst/Needham

i know that Needham beat Amherst, but i think that might have been some what of a one time thing. Paidea will beat Pensburry 15-9 in the finals of Paidea cup. However, Paidea is 2nd to Northwest. Northwest is the best team in the country. I dont go to Northwest but i dont think anyone will dispute that.

환희 said...

needham beating amherst definatly was not a one time thing. watching the game it was definatly the most intensely ive ever seen the needham team play before. after the 7-2 half needham was pumped. after amherst came back a few points needham put the burners on and took the game

im not saying amherst is a bad team, i just think everyone's just underestimating needham

Anonymous said...

Having watched them numerous times, definitely disagree that anyone is "underestimating needham"

they are a good team, and a rivalry with arhs this year could be very good, but needham wont dominate them and both will have a hard time beating pennsbury or paidea

Anonymous said...

needham will not beat pensburry or paidea this year. Paidea has 3 worlds players and numerous solid athletes. They are without question the best team in the East.

환희 said...

needham players acknowledge that they probably wont beat pennsbury or paideia, but they are confident they will beat amherst at the next meeting

george "frolf" costanza said...

The comments are getting ridiculous. As most comments tend to be.

My team can beat yours.

No, my team can beat yours.

Our team is better.

Whatever. The original post had asked about the great lengths teams have had to travel to get to some tournaments. And what difficulties did they face?

Here's a new question I'd like to raise: is it worth travelling long distances to play high school tournaments or go close to a nearby college tournament?