Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend Open Thread - Born to Dive edition

The big high school tournament this weekend will be taking place in Trenton, NJ in the form of Born to Dive, hosted by the illustriously hyped Pennsbury.

Teams attending (RRI)
- Pennsbury (2432)
- HB Woodlawn (Yorktown) (2370)
- Stuyvesant (2510)
- Watchung Hills (1980)
- Princeton High School (2310)
- JP Stevens High School (2043)
- The Pterodactyls (2006)
- Central Bucks East (2475)
- Pennsbury B (1773)
- West Windsor-Plainsboro North (2545)
- YHB JV (2039)
- Columbia High School (1658)
- Stuyvesant JV (1776)
- Watchung Hills JV (1401)

Early predictions have some mix of Yorktown, Columbia and Pennsbury in the finals, with a possible Princeton showing. Wildcards - CB East has yet to report scores for the spring season, so who knows how they will show. Same with JP Stevens (shoutout to Edison, town of my birth!).

Should be interesting how it turns out, if you have reports or recaps of the games feel free to post them as comments.

[upa tournament site]


Anonymous said...

Only the first 8 teams are in the varsity division, so the Columbia team is actually a B team in the other division.

Fantusta said...

CB East won't be surprising anyone, this'll be a rebuilding year for them, methinks.

Anonymous said...

the finals will be a rematch of yorktown and pennsbury, unless pterodactyls or princeton really brings it.*

Columbia is splitting squads again*

Anonymous said...

Not splitting squads. Columbia B is going.

shawn said...

dactyls will be missing a lot of players including monster 6' 4" brendan quann...honestly if phuel had like a ranking system for point blocks he'd be #1

JasonKatz said...

Quann is good. He gave me a helluva tough time covering him last time we played the Dactyls. And does Phuel even have a ranking system? I thought I saw one last time I went on the site (a few months ago), but it only had rankings 2 years old.

Fantusta said...

I ran the rankings last year, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss -- you can find the final results from last spring at:
LM won, with Wissahickon in 2nd.
The system is designed to encourage teams to play lots of games, as we're definitely still a building league. If someone's going to be compiling them this year, I don't know. I hope so! (Kevin Taylor, you did it once, eh?)

-Chris Vanni
LM '06
Queen's Mothership

Anonymous said...

Columbia A is not going to Born to Dive. I predict they won't make it to the finals.

Anonymous said...

Columbua B won the B division after playing Pennsbury B in the finals.

Anonymous said...

Pennsbury rolled to victory, beating Yorktown 15-5 in the finals. They also beat Princeton 15-7, in both games they had second have shutouts. Also, they shutout CB east in the first game of the day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

or more like domination?

Kevin said...

dactyls try to tire out yorktown for their superiors, make the championship game take a little less effort...not that they needed it...isnt yorktown expecting to have a presence at easterns????...........

DACTYLS VS PRINCETON 3RD PLACE GAME coming up this week...princeton did send a bid to easterns................should be exciting. maybe not i dunno

yea chris i did, think im doing em for spring too nobody really cares about the rankings though, gotta be honest i dont

Anonymous said...

Dactyls shouldn't be talkin trash about a team they cant score double digits on...
"not that they needed it...isnt yorktown expecting to have a presence at easterns????..........."

stay off blogspot kevin taylor

Kevin said...


sorry, just tipping my hat to my worthy colleagues. not like what im saying isnt the truth.......................step it up yorktown, step it up. humiliating, embarassing, very un-easterns like. just raise your endzone drill completions from 25 to 30 next practice, thatll do it.

my name is kevin taylor; im a handler and trash talker for the scrubby dactyls

Anonymous said...

-Isaac Saul

Stay off blogspot Kevin Taylor.

Anonymous said...

After a team hosts a tournament, invites you too it, pays for your stuff, and treats you like a real team all you can do is come on blogspot and talk trash? They put you up in your gym, and hosted an awesome tournament, treated everyone on your team with respect, and a week later your talking smack on a national forum. Never mind all that, they are a team that is clearly, CLEARY, head and shoulders above YOUR team, therefore, you should really, really, just keep your mouth shut.

Isaac Saul

Anonymous said...

put you up in their gym**

Anonymous said...


Before this gets out of hand, YHB players have more respect for other teams, we dont talk crap about them on some online forum. As a matter of fact I'm the only YHB player that posts comments on this Blogspot. If you wanna talk crap about us that's fine, but we'll settle it on the field again whenever you want. But just to let everyone know, dont be expecting that yorktown team that showed up in the finals yesterday to show up at easterns

Jonathan Caldera #3
YHB Ultimate

Kevin said...

sorry, jonathan, just having some fun. i think online forums are meant to talk trash. like thats why god created them. no joke. and its not like i wasnt talking trash on sunday to your faces. im consistent.

the dactyls understand their playing level, we didn't send a bid to easterns, and it was pretty fun running with you guys with a savage line after a long weekend, especially after you killed us the weekend prior. sorry, i was still pumped up from the tournament last night and i probably got out of hand. in hindsight, some of those comments were unappropriate.

and isaac im not really sure why youre getting involved...?

Anonymous said...

because hes a better player than you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,

Although you might feel dumbfounded as to why I'm getting involved, maybe you haven't seen how much trouble online forums can cause. You are not my teammate, but we do both represent Pennsbury, and what you were doing was stupid and arrogant. I got along very well with J Cal and wanted to make it clear that what you were doing wasn't something that is accepeted by the ultimate community around here. I think I made my point in my earlier posts. Anddddd, when you post on a PUBLIC forum, you should not have any questions as to why anyone would get involved, because we are all allowed to post. Unfortunately some people abuse that right...

Isaac Saul

Anonymous said...

Isaac gets his treats. well put ike. i know not to type anything on this blog anymore but had to point out that you get your treats.