Sunday, March 25, 2007

NUTC 06 Camper/Counselor Game Clip

This just in from Tiina via RSD:

If you are looking for a 2 minute diversion while waiting for the Centex scores to roll in, please check out a clip from our NUTC promotional video which was shot last summer. It may be hard to identify the players, so look for Zip, Dylan, Jennie Yang, Jeff Graham, Jody Avirgan, Chelsea Dengler, and, of course, George Cooke, who also provides the background music with his hit single entitled, "Motor Cycle Girl."


Tiina said...

This probably isn't the place for this, but I just wanted to congratulate Needham High School on their win against us this weekend. They are a disciplined, athletic, well-coached, spirited and athletic team and we really enjoyed playing against them. Well-done!


Anonymous said...

it was a really hard fought game. full intensity on defense the entire game. ARHS switched it up with zone and man, but Needham kept with really tight man defense giving them nothing. The game opened up neck and neck, tieing it up at 2-2, than Needham went on a run and the first half went 7-2 Needham, but ARHS came out fired up trying to get rid of Needham's fire in the second half either scoring 3 in a row, or going on a 3-1 run. Than from there, they traded back and forth until the hard cap, with 11-8 being the final score. It was an amazing game, with cheering and yelling from the sidelines that you could hear across the entire tournament

Anonymous said...

Haha.. poor campers got grounded into the grass.