Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Easterns/Westerns Deadlines in Two Days!!

Easterns and westerns applications are due in two days!!! Who has already sent in a bid? Who plans to fax them last minute? (is that even possible?)

Since so much of the country has yet to thaw/dry out how hard do you think it will be for the UPA to come up with the top 16 teams for each event. Do you think the bid deadline should have been later to allow for teams to see how they fair in the first few games of spring?

Chat away folks.

[UPA Easterns/Westerns Homepage]
[UPA Easterns/Westerns Application] (.doc)

(come back tomorrow and let us know where you are going to college, the second in our monthly College Choices segment will be posted.)


Alex Kinsey said...

Princeton (P-HUC) has sent a bid

Anonymous said...

wissahickon sent a bid

Julian Hausman said...

Mount Lebanon sent a bid.

Anonymous said...

YHB Invite this weekend ... Pennsbury asserting their dominance.