Saturday, March 24, 2007

Churchill HS Open PLUBBQ HL Video

The tournament is now nearly 3 weekends old, but due to the horrible footage recorded, we were delayed in getting a Highlight video made. Dylan Freechild of Churchill (9th - #45) just finished the video this afternoon. He and along with Kimber Coles and Christine are finishing the videos from last weekends Dirty Deeds tournament in Washington. Expect those videos sometime this coming week.

CHS Open PLUBBQ HL - itunes version (.mp4 640x360 36.8MB)
CHS Open PLUBBQ HL - web version (.mov 640x360 36.5MB)
CHS Open PLUBBQ HL - google version

And again, here are the girls links:
So-Chill Girls PLUBBQ HL -
itunes version (.mp4 640x360 34.8MB) -redone larger
So-Chill Girls PLUBBQ HL - web version (.mov 640x360 35.4MB)
So-Chill Girls PLUBBQ HL - google version


Anonymous said...

Sweet video. Good job Dylan.

Anonymous said...

Okay . . . those highlights are sick.