Sunday, January 21, 2007

open thread - football anyone?

football conference champs just finished up pitting chicago against the colts in the superbowl?

any fans of either? i know most of our readers are fairly coastal in origin, but any high school ultimate players out there from the Indiana or Illinois areas?

(if you dont like football, feel free to talk about whatever you want, more content-fruitful posts coming in the near future.)


Thomas Sanchez said...

Peyton Manning is going to dominate whatever defense the Bears think they have, and then bust out a disc and huck a full-field flick to Prince to win it all.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I am from Chicago, and I have been saying colts vs bears all year, and I'm still saying bears over colts. Grossman is going to see how good Payton is playing and then step up his game to have a 100+ pass rating day. The colts will have their passing, but their running game will be gone (did you see reggie bush's rushing yards last game?). Brian will play deeper then usual (except for the occasional blitz, which will hurry Payton into bad throws), and this will reduce the passing by the colts. With the bears special teams and their rushing, The bears are gonna win.

Anonymous said...

bears are going to win, because manning is a sucker who cant win games. hes gonna choke. hes played well in the playoffs so far but, like he can keep it up, no way

Anonymous said...

They are both going to lose.

Anonymous said...

so far in the playoffs, we have seen a coming out of the two respective teams' weak spots. the colts, now having bob sanders, have dominated the run defense and retained their near flawless passing game. the bears, on the other hand, have overcome the nay sayings of rex grossman and generated a pretty balanced offensive attack while maintaining a threatening defense and an even scarier special teams.

i believe the colts' new defense can beat the bears' new offense, and the colts' old offense can beat the bears' old defense. i favor the colts, but i wouldnt count out the bears simply because of devon hestor.