Sunday, December 17, 2006

new things on the site and happy holidays

blogger has been updating itself to a new beta version for the past few weeks (a much needed update) and as a result has allowed for a few new features such as labels, different archive methods, rss feeds for comments, as well as a few other neat tricks.

over the next few weeks i will be working them into the site design, any requests or ideas or suggestions are more than welcome though, just leave a comment or email

also, dont forget that if you have videos somewhere online showing high school ultimate (youtube etc) we would like to link to them from the site, so send us a link or again, post a comment with the address.

on the subject of user suggestions remember you are always welcome to suggest topics for posts or discussion by sending an email over to

so on that note, have a happy holiday and hopefully you will be seeing some updates and improvements to the site over the next few weeks.

(feel free to use this post to talk about whatever you would like)


Lukester said...

On a random note, i just got Ultivillage's Junior World's DVD (along with a few others) and have to say it is a great colaboration of footage from the premiere tourney of this last year.

Our US boys and girls teams were amazing and seeing first hand the incredible finals the ladies had was worth the purchase.

jonnyspace said...

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Anonymous said...

HS ultimate alumni showdown?

Wesleyan Ultimate said...

A shameless promotion for our school on playultimate's blog...

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