Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Moho at UCPC

Hi there this is Miranda from out west, updating about my contribution to the UCPC this winter. Ben and I are very much looking forward to this meeting of the minds and we hope to be able to provide a unique, informative look at how Moho works.
As an introduction, Moho was started as an opportunity for Seattle kids to play more ultimate than was offered by their individual high schools. This stemmed from the fact that not many high schools had teams back then, but there were some very talented kids who wanted to play...a lot. Luckily there has never been a shortage of coaches in Seattle, and we have recently received great support from our local organization, DiscNW (discnw.org). Moho won a junior national title (before consortiums were disallowed) and has produced individuals who have gone on to become champions at junior nationals (mens and womens), junior worlds (mens and womens), college nationals (mens and womens), club nationals (mens and womens), club worlds (womens) and the world games. Our coaching staff includes Moho alumni as well as past high school/college/club/world champions from atlanta, corvallis, boston, seattle, san francisco, austin and boise.
You may be thinking to yourself...how is moho so successful? how do you coach practices with every level of player of both gender over a 4 year agespan? is it really free for the kids? Will it work in my city?
Well, then you'll just have to come to Boston to check it out. My specialty is running drills that teach great ultimate to players with varying skill levels and I will focus part of my presentation on these drills as they are integral to the success of the program. Ben's specialty is organization and vision (as well as marking which you will see in his separate presentation) - he will describe how Moho has gone from disorganized teenagers playing on poached fields to a regular coached clinic with upwards of 40 kids in attendance weekly. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to comment or email me.
In addition, I will be representing Carleton College and the University of Washington at the college ultimate fair so feel free to come find me about those as well.

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Lukester said...

Two years ago we attempted to form an Oregon HS Club team. The goals were different than MOHO, in that we were hoping to compete in the inagural year of YCC. We ended up getting a bid way too late to purchase plane tickets as a group (though 3 players had bought their seperately and were a bit screwed). We canned the idea when YCC was no longer an option, and though there was a thought this last summer, nothing materialized until too late again.

We'll see what takes place this year, but there are Eugene players who really want to form a club team to compete at YCC this summer.

Johnny Mac said...

Hey Miranda/Ben,
I don't know whether UltiVillage or anyone else will be recording your particular presentation, but I'd love to get access to the information you're giving (in some form or another). Will you be using a Powerpoint, or handouts/notes, or anything that you might be able to post online? And it'd also be great to see the drills that you've come up with, if that was possible? Anything would be appreciated.

Good luck with the presentation - hope the conference is a big success.

John McNaughton

miranda roth said...

hey john,
good to hear from you - hope all is well after your trip around the states. we will be using powerpoint and will certainly try to get Rob to film us (we love the camera). I will ask the organizers about posting material after the event, but I'm guessing we won't be posting it beforehand. I may try to do some animations with our favorite drills in powerpoint, but if I don't, I can explaing them to you via email sometime.

Z said...

Hi Miranda, Ben

I'd love to hear both your presentations. Unfortunately am here in the Philippines. Ben played here last month, met him briefly.

I captain / coach a mixed club of 2 teams with varying skill levels. Would it be possible to request a copy of your presentation and drills(and bens?) after the event?

Am hoping to learn something new to teach my players.

Thanks, good luck with your presentations! Hope the UCPC is successful!