Friday, November 10, 2006

Phall PHUEL Cities

Philadelphia's league will, for the most part, come to a close this weekend. And with Pennsbury down south for the Tidewater Tuneup, the rest of PHUEL is given a perfect chance to prove that they are the favorite after the Peyote. There are 5 teams with legitimate shots at the championship this time, which should make for a very exciting tournament!

Pool A
St. Joe's
Lower Merion
Cardinal O'Hara

St. Joe's didn't graduate much from last year, but Cheltenham didn't graduate anyone, and LM brings a completely different A team from last year, as last year's team was all seniors besides their one girl. Cardinal O'Hara isn't too far off the pack, either.

Pool B
The Pterodactyls
Council Rock South
Lower Merion B

The Dactyls already beat Wissahickon at KitKat, and it's easy to write off Wissahickon after graduating Aman, Kyle, and Dave Kelley from last year, but that's what we thought last year... and the year before that. They can always surprise.

The Pterodactyls and Cheltenham tied 8-8 last weekend; the 'Dactyls have a semifinal appearance at KitKat, and Cheltenham won Fall Brawl's JV division

St. Joe's hasn't done much this fall, but they're also a strong favorite. LM was missing players due to PSATs at Fall Brawl, and won't be trying to play their B-level players.

This should be an exciting tournament that helps shape the PHUEL picture for the year.

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Fantusta said...

The Pterodactyls over Cheltenham 13-5 in the finals.