Thursday, October 26, 2006

Open Thread: Weekend Tournaments and Club Nationals

Big weekend for ultimate - Cold Fusion will be taking place in Eugene, OR and at the very same time (actually games began today) Club Nationals are taking place in Sarasota, FL.

So feel free to post results for, or talk about either tournament, anyone know high school players who are playing in club nationals? Already there have been some upsets, Revolver over DoG in pool play leading into power pools which begin tomorrow.

Any predictions from the crowd for either tournament? Score reporter has some ideas for Cold Fusion. On the club side can someone break the strangehold of the northwest? Its gonna be an interesting weekend, comment all the way through.

Keep it here folks.

[Edit 10/27 @ 11:03pm] - check out Alex DeFrondeville's recaps of nationals days one and two from the DoG perspective. The UPA also has writeups availiable at their site - . Cold Fusion action begins tomorrow, let everyone know whats going on if you've got information.


McCabe said...

ok, so if you dont want to talk about anything ultimate related i did just tweak the layout of the site a little bit to make it a little bit more functional.

i might mention some of its finer points in a post later.

and to the commenter who called me out on the columbia pennsbury writeup, im working on it.... yeah still.... im a busy guy?

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Lukester said...

Rhino all the way

McCabe said...

wow, it is possible right now for the semifinals to be made up entirely of northwest teams.

if you dont believe me -

furious george

wow. eli janin is playing for rhino right now, i know he plays/ed high school, anyone know where he played? plays? he has a brother too apparently, older or younger? jacob maybe?

question marks?

Lukester said...

Eli Janin - Churchill HS in Eugene, OR graduate of 2005 and sophomore at UofO.

Jacob Janin - South Eugene HS in Eugene, OR currently a junior.

Ryan said...

Two Paideia and jr worlds players, Grant Lindsley and George Stubbs, play for Chain.

Amber Sinicrope plays for Brute Squad.

Fantusta said...

Furious vs. Sockeye,
Riot vs. Fury.

Anonymous said...

Sockeye wins 15-13!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

there is actually a much greater jr. worlds representation than just the 3 mentioned above.

Claire Suver
Shannon O' Malley

Twisted Metal:
Robin Stewart

Mr Briefcase:
Georgia Bosscher

Flaming Moe:
Patty King

Brass Monkey:
Matty Sung

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but those three are the only ones still in HS.

McCabe said...

Justin Salvia - Loveland HS (Loveland, CO)

played for Bravo, anyone know if he is still in high school or has he since graduated.

(this information is from rsd)

Ryan said...

That's Rabbit - he plays or played for Mamabird.

McCabe said...

i knew that name sounded familiar, ok so answer to my question for those not aware is he is well out of high school now.