Thursday, July 20, 2006

1st Annual PlayUltimate CSTV Meetup Events.... Recaps?

well, i personally had a ton of fun tonight hanging out, eating some glorious ribs and watching the 2006 UPA National Championships, we had about 15ish-20ish people come out and it was most certainly a good time. the staff at Vintage was extremely receptive and definitely took care of all the ultimate fans.

ill have pictures up soon and maybe event a few more coherent sentences if you're lucky, and look for reports from the other events to come in soon. but for now im exausted, ive got work in the morning (you mean he does other things than blog about high school ultimate???) so im gonna hit the hay.

peace world.


miranda roth said...

The Seattle event was also a huge hit - The Ram was awesome as usual and put CSTV on two tvs. We got there about 5pm and saw most of the Paideia highlight reel...I mean we saw Brown, Georgia and Colorado play. Then we watched the finals - major props went out to past high school stars, Brodie and Gigo as they showed what juniors ultimate can do. We had about 6 coaches, 2 family members, 40 kids and 6-8 college/club players in attendance. We all agreed that marks in college need to improve and that Tim Gehret definitely deserved the Callahan.

Anonymous said...

Will the game be put online at some point like last years semis and finals games?