Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer Ultimate Camp Thread

Hey all,

I figured there needed to be a summer ultimate camp thread so I started one. Below is information about the DiscNW camps.

Summer Ultimate Camp Opportunities in the Pacific Northwest!! DiscNW will be running its very popular day camps for middle and highschool players of all ability levels in Seattle from the end of June through mid-August again this summer. Cost is $150-200, depending on the camp. Information on all the day camps in Seattle is available at:

You can also find links to information and to register in the list of events at

DiscNW is also rolling out it's newest camp offering in July! Ulitmate Camp Northwest (UCNW) is a camp for youth players of all abilities that will be held at Reed College in Portland, OR from July16-20, 2006. This camp is designed for campers aged 14-18. A camper should not have attended college yet, but they are eligible if they have just graduated from high school. Players who will be entering high school this coming fall are very welcome to attend. The cost is $425 for campers who stay overnight at Reed College and$175 for those who are from the Portland area and do not need housing.

More details on the camp including are available at:
You can also find links to information and to register in the list of events at


Lukester said...

We have about 4-8 players interested in the camp, but the cost is a bit restrictive... A few of our players are looking to get housing in Portland for this reason.

McCabe said...

for those interested - look for the site to feature camps from other parts of the country later this month!

Thistle St. Tsunami said...
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Thistle St. Tsunami said...

I want to apologize to the organizers of NUTC for plagiarizing content from their website. This was a serious mistake made while working under a deadline (very bad excuse, but true) and was in no way intended to make it appear as though NUTC is affiliated with UCNW.

Additionally, Mike Mullen who organizes the Seattle day camp programs and made the original post did so without any knowledge of the content of the UCNW website or its origin. The content of the UCNW website has been altered in a sincere effort to fix this problem.

Dave Dreher
UCNW Organizer