Tuesday, January 31, 2006

collection of online high school ultimate videos...

so the extremely observant and extremely constant readers of the site may have already noticed the yellow box located on the lower right hand of the screen (scroll on down a little).

well now that little yellow box is becoming hopefully one of the most complete indices of high school ultimate videos that can be found online. anything we can find will be added to that link. and we welcome your help in this regard, if you know of any high school videos that are out there, feel free to post a link em as a comment to this thread.

if you have videos sitting on your computer (that you have the rights to yada yada legal stuff) feel free to upload em to YouTube or GoogleVideo or something like that and then send us a link.

anything that is online (and relatively appropriate) we will link to, hopefully over time we will have a sizeable collection of videos from over the years, and i expect it to be interesting for those who take the time to see the progression of the sport in the high school forum through the videos.

ah dreams. so for your browsing convenience i have also copied and pasted the links we already currently have after the fold...

HS Ultimate Videos

additions coming soon

Needham Fall Highlights (Mass.)
Neshaminy Llamas trailer (Philly)
YCC Highlight Reel (Pgh)
SJP @ PA State Champs (Philly)
SJP vs. William Tennent (Philly)
SJP vs. North Penn & LCDS (Philly)

additions coming soon

Watchung Hills Fall highlights (NJ)

so as you can see the list is not very extensive at the moment, only stuff i could find off the bat on google video and YouTube, without looking very hard, so your help in expanding the list would be grrrreatly appreciated, start commenting those links!


Jeph B said...

could that guy at the begining of the neshaminy video be any more off sides?

Lukester said...

for ultimate video of the Churchill High School team from Eugene, OR (including some from South Eugene and other schools in our northwest area), head on over to:

I haven't put everything up yet that I've done (much from the 2003/2004 school year has yet to be put in any web version; only dvd, and the stuff from our 2004/2005 season still sits in wait for my editing on my computer)

Jason Becker said...

Does anyone have some full-length video? Highlights are nice, but they're not much use in teaching the game.

"Look! Layout, sky, and make amazing plays like these cats!"

It lacks a certain applicability. :)

Force said...

Churchill has 5 full length games from Sundoger recorded.

Daniel Force - CHS

TallE said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Churchill, Corvallis, Cheltenhem and all fellow C's:

There is only one true "CHS".


And to the rest,

Anonymous here would like give a shout out to the three "CHS" players trying out in Atlanta, seniors Ryan Thompson and Stephen Panasci and college freshman Mike Rubin.

After taking second to Amherst at last May's Easterns, it'd be nice to see the UPA (read: Bac, BVH and Mr. Jason Simpson) do the right thing and get some CHS representation on the national team. Any of these three would make a great addition to the team.


Anonymous said...

WOW a columbia player being full of themselves, anyone else surprised. Yes we all know ultimate came from your school we get it already, now go back to your beloved parking lot

Anonymous said...

I also hear that columbia lost to Pennsbury, Wissahickon, AND Princeton in the fall. Quite a drop-off from last year. Better start practicing or you won't be the best team in your state, much less in the east. You have no right to brag and demand "CHS representation". And no one in their right mind would take Ryan or Stephen over Darden Pitts or Noah Saul. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Let's save the trash for the garbage-can also known as rec.sport.disc.

The real issue regarding the national juniors team is the coaches. You have a Paideia coach as your head coach, a former Paideia player as assistant coach and another former Paideia player as your national youth director (Hi, Kyle).

So this begs the question: how many current Paideia players will make the team? 3? 5? 7?!

Who's gonna stand up for the small school?

hfast said...

note: what follows relates to the topic.....

http://creekultimate.com/videos is where we have our videos hosted, I'll be putting up a SW regionals hilight video soon. Keep watch. -h