Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Churchill HS (Eugene, OR) in Review...

I have been working around the clock on the new chsultimate.com website that hosts the Churchill High School Ultimate Team from sunny Eugene, Oregon. If you don't know who we are, you should. We were the MIXED team that took the Oregon State Tournament (OHSUC) last spring and our OPEN team took second place at Westerns. Our team this year was supposed to be in a complete rebuidling stage, but our leading players have proven they are far more ready than anyone expected.

Last time I wrote here I was letting you all know about the Sundodger tournament in Burlington, WA. The Sundodger tournmanet was way back in November, but the action there was some of the last Juniors ultimate in the Northwest and proved to be some of the best MIXED action I've seen. In fact, following the tournament, Churchill HS gained the number one position on both the MIXED and OPEN youth divisions on the UPA RRI website. They currently are holding the top spot with an RRI of 3049, just slightly ahead of the Pennsbury OPEN team at 3041.

I promised a write-up the weekend following the tournament, but never quite got it done. The write-up is done and can be viewed
here along with the other tournaments CHS attended this fall. If you would rather see the action, I just finished the Sundodger Highlight Reel and will be completing the full Tournament DVD soon. You can see the video here:

SundodgerHL (ipod video - mp4 - 37MB)
SundodgerHL (regular mpg - 75MB)

For some sweet Middle School action (as some have commented already on), you can see the Highlight Reel from our TurkeyBowl2 tournament held the weekend after on Nov 19:

(ipod video - mp4 - 20MB)
Turkeybowl2HL (regular mpg - 41MB)

If the links don't work, navigate on over to the chsultimate.com website and find it in our media section.


Earmuffs said...

This video is sweet, definately some quality play here, wish i coulda been there to see it, even if you were taking down my high school in one of those games...

Anonymous said...

doubt churchill could beat pennsbury...sorry.

Thomas Sanchez said...

Luke also put together a sick highlight reel and DVD for a Middle School tournament that was held in Eugene. Some of these kids are crazy.



Lukester said...

thanks for the comments guys...

Pennsbury, you planning on being at the Paideia Cup? Just your school represented or as a club team? You guys being there might motivate my squad to consider further the possibility of attending this cross country adventure.

Mike Mullen said...


Good stuff on the video. The only little problem is that the team identified as Northwest is actually Seattle Rage, which indeed has some Northwest School players on it, but is not in any way, shape, or form officially related to the Northwest School. If they are wearing the NWS jersey it is because they own that jersey and are free to wear it when they like. Ultimate frisbee is only a spring sport at Northwest School and we would not support a spring sport team playing during the winter sport season.

Churchill and S. Eugene looked strong and will no doubt be in contention for the HS Spring Reign Coed championship.


Mike Mullen,
Northwest School coach