Thursday, November 17, 2005

Juniors Players Playing in College

While i had wanted to have a comprehensive list of all the juniors players playing for the major college teams this year, time constraints forbid it. So instead i figured id give you my resources and let you see for yourselves what you can find.

This weekend is the most prestigious college ultimate tournament of the fall season - the Classic City Classic - held in Atlanta, GA.

Score-o-matic will be there reporting up to the minute statistics, but what is neat is that they have team and player profiles for everyone involved in the tournament. Thus, if you are really interested enough you can find out for the most part, which players played in high school.

By no means have i even begun to do enough research to list all of the players competing this weekend who played in high school. But for anecdotal sake, i will post below those who i first hand know of or have heard of...

Name - College - High School

Tom Annen - Wisconsin - played for Madison West

Brad Bellinger - Pitt - played for William Tennent outside of Philly

Skylar Brunnel - Pitt - played for a high school in Rochester, NY (im blanking on the name)

Jake Christian - Pitt - played for Wissahickon in Ambler, PA

Evan Jenkins - Pitt - played for Mt. Lebonan in Pittsburgh, PA

Nick Kaczmarek - Pitt - played for Bethel Park in Pittsburgh, PA

Matt McCabe (me) - Pitt - played for St. Joe's Prep in Philadelphia, PA

Garrett McInnes - George Washington - played for St. Joe's Prep in Philadelphia, PA

Tim Pierce - Wisconsin - played for Madison Memorial

Dan Sigal - George Washington - played for Pennsbury

David Vatz - Pitt - played for Mt. Lebonan, Pittsburgh, PA

Reed Verdesoto - Pitt - played for CB East High School in Doylestown, PA

this is just a list based on people i know personally or whom i have found while lightly browsing the score o matic sight. as you can see my list is heavily metro east, so if you know someone who will be playing this weekend at CCC who played in high school, comment with the info, i for one would love to hear it.

perhaps later we can open the can of worms as to the greatest juniors player of all time? chase? zip? nord? your thoughts are welcome as always


LittleOrphanAnnie44 said...

Here's a list that is a little less MetroEast-biased teams competing in Athens, GA:

University of Colorado:
- Jolian Dahl (Paideia)
- Adam "Chicken" Simon (Paideia)
- Eli Friedman (South Eugene)
- Rick Hodges (US-Nashville)
- Campbell Morrisy (Columbia High)

(Note: Jolian and Adam won HS Nationals in '01 and '02. Eli made semis at Nats in '04. Rick Hodges' Brutal Grassburn team won it all back in '99)

University of Georgia
- Dylan Tunnel (Paideia)

University of Wisconsin
- Tom Burkly (Newton North High)
- Rodrigo Valdivia (Madison West)

- Jono Berry (Paideia)

George Washington University
- Josh Lasky (Cranford High, NJ)
- DJ Saul (Pennsbury)

Others can fill the rest. I'm sure there are more.

As to the can of worms McCabe mentioned earlier, I don't think Josh Ziperstein can be included in the discussion of greatest juniors player of all time. It's well-known that Zip played only one year at Amherst (his senior year). While Zip was showing potential, he didn't become the shit until arriving at Brown. I find it ironic that of all the players that came out of the Amherst system, it would be Zip who would win the Callahan. Not someone who played all four years at Amherst or had his start in their awesome middle school feeder program. Ironic.

Anonymous said...

Juniors players at Oregon
Eli Janin-Churchill
Jackson Kelsay- Churchill
Dusty Becker- South Eugene
Steve Kenton
David Fruchter Both these guys played Juniors but I don't know who they played for.

Anonymous said...

But Oregon wasn't at CCC. Sure, if you want to broaden the discussion to include ex-juniors players at colleges that weren't in Athens, you'll get countless more examples.

Some questions to consider:

How many of the "elite" college teams (i.e. top finisher at Regionals or Nationals-qualifying) have former high school players? Do they depend on these awesome throwers or do they rely more on raw athletic talent w/o the high school ulti background? And did going to a school that had a top program factor into their attending that school?

ex-juniors, ex-college (looking for a club team)

Anonymous said...

Evan Padgett is also playing on Mamabird, and doing a damn good job