Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Coming soon to PlayUltimate

what you have to look forward to in the future from the people at PlayUltimate....

- expanding coverage : we hope to cover the Seattle and Massachussettes leagues in the near future, and eventually expand to covering Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado and Texas

- a weekly poll : this will be coming within the next week or so, with suggestions for poll topics coming from user comments

- if i can get it together i am going to try to take a look at the biggest college teams in the nation right now - namely those playing at the Classic City Classic, and see what portion of each of their rosters is made of players who have played high school ultimate

in the more long term future...

- bios for all of our authors : there is a long "off-season" coming up, in which we will fill the void with a plethora of useful information, statistics, rundowns, recaps etc., but also we will let you get to know a little bit about the people who write for PlayUltimate

- college nationals roster rundowns : a single post for each of last years college nationals rosters detailing which players played in high school, for what programs, what kind of success did they have in high school, at college nationals etc.

- nearing the spring we will produce a list of the top high school teams in the nation based on input from our (at that point more numerous) authors

- reviews of the top high school ultimate camps in the nation

- insights into the biggest college programs in the nation - which ones actively recruit high school standouts etc

- further expansion of coverage until at least every state with a upa recognized high school state championship has coverage

- and of course - much much more.

This is just a small preview of what is to come on the PlayUltimate blog, so stay tuned, link to the site, spread the word about ultimate, and if you want rundowns, previews, stats, and all the other action that goes along with high school ultimate - you know the only place to go is PlayUltimate.


McCabe said...

oh yeah, and suggest anything else that you might want to appear on the site

Anonymous said...

go to every youth tournament

every single one

you can start tomorrow at the 12 team NJEA tourney in West Windsor, NJ


Brody said...

If for some crazy reason you haven't seen this:

It usually has rosters for the college teams and you could use that and cross-reference it against a juniors list or your personal knowledge to get what you are looking for. Did the UPA do online rostering for the college season last year or was that just this past club season?

Can't wait to read more.-Brody

Nick Ongpauco said...

Everyone likes pictures