Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Features/Changes on the Site

You may have noticed a bunch of new things on the site, or you may not have, either way, i figured id give you the run down of what has been improved etc.

Details below the fold...

List of whats been goin down...

  • new box on the right hand side lets you know how many people are currently on the site, and how long the average person stays to read
  • new links on the right allow you to subscribe to the site using whatever RSS aggregator you seem to fancy, we are currently supporting Yahoo, NewsGator, and BlogLines, if you use something different, just leave a comment about it and we'll add your program as well
  • new feature at the bottom of every post allows you to rate the post you just read, was it helpful? did it make you think? personally i might not care, but i think its a pretty snazzy feature. drawback - you have to have a newsgator account to rate them, but ah well, give and take right?
  • added a link to go back to the top of the page, because scrolling was getting annoying
  • if you are reading these features you have figured out that i added a "keep reading" link to the page as to not clutter up the main page with long winded sentences and descriptions - as i am very prone to do.

  • idk what else ive done recently, but ive added a bunch of stuff, so enjoy and hopefully ill have something ultimate related to talk about soon. feel free to comment on my last post, i deemed it an 7 out of 10 on the insightful scale