Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Daily Rundown

I figure i need an ever so often recurring feature for the blog. And what better than to survey the action at RSD, and other major forums and centers of ultimate debate - wade through all the crap that is slung around, and get to the issues actually being discussed.

So the first of a hopefully relatively daily segment, [drumroll] the Daily Rundown [gonnng]

Continued below the fold....

The top 5 issues in the ultimate world this fine wednesday afternoon?

#1./ ESPN Ombudsmen has released an update on his audit of the ESPN programming and quality of production yada yada etc. And lo and behold Ultimate is mentioned...

E-mail gripes

. Some cynics wonder if ESPN has given short shrift to the National Hockey
League since it currently has no working relationship with the league. "That
doesn't factor into how we cover the news," Williamson said. "We've been
very aggressive in our coverage since the new agreement -- and in covering
the news leading up to its signing." Still, the perception exists among some
viewers that if ESPN does not have broadcast rights to a league, that league
won't get its due. At least, ESPN knows this perception exists and
understands its responsibility.

. Poker fans don't like to see results of taped competition on crawls prior
to the showing of the event.

. Soccer fans are still cranky over lack of Gold Cup coverage.

. The Ultimate Frisbee lobby is cranky over everything.

. The lacrosse lobby is cranky over the Ultimate Frisbee lobby.

. And Ohio State football fans know how to e-mail.
and thus the debate looms large on RSD, is this good or bad for the ultimate community. ultimate as a sport etc. im of the persuasion that any publicity is good publicity and i believe his use of "cranky" is merely in jest, and perhaps alludes to the fact that he may have mentioned something on the subject to the people who control ESPN. the point is, we have a foot in the door. and it is a testament to the swaying power of RSD and other groups to mass contact for results.

#2./ people are still slowly speaking up as to which masters teams will be competing this fall, thus far the list includes, HOSS, OLD SAG, Boneyard, Old and in the Way, among others.

#3./ a bit of a debate is warming up about the future of high school ultimate stars, where they will be playing etc. follow it at RSD

#4./ there is discussion on the nature of the double team, if two offenders are within three meters, and thus two defenders also, and both defenders face the same offender at the same time, is that a double team? weigh in here.

#5./ decide for yourself, opine - go out and light the world on fire.