Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NexGen Ultimate tour - coming to your town?

The NexGen Ultimate tour is doing some amazing stuff, so much so that I am breaking an extended radio silence.

The premise for those of you who haven't checked it out yet - take the top 15 college players from around the country (world?) and face them against the top club teams in each city on a huge month-long bus tour of America.

Results have been mixed so far in terms of wins and losses for the NexGen team, with a record standing at 2-4, but from the looks of things the crowds have been sizable - 300-400 in most cities at least. Additionally the coverage of the games has been incredible.  http://nexgentour.com have video recaps of every game, player profiles, player interviews, highlight reels, live scoreboards, game updates on twitter - I mean really fantastic stuff.

Next stop is North Carolina to play Ring of Fire, then on to DC for Truckstop and Philly where NexGen takes on Southpaw.... future stops include Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Madison, and Minneapolis.

If you love ultimate, and I know you do - get to these games. Bring friends to these games - bring friends who don't already play ultimate to these games, forward the links and the schedule to your teammates and your leagues, pay for the full game coverage on UltiVillage.com, like them on Facebook, spread the word.

Once you check out a game feel free to report back here and let us know how it went.

And, finally, a question for discussion - when you are playing in college in a few years, would you spend a summer playing ultimate traveling in a bus like this?

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